Woodwind Care and Cleaning

    PITCL2  Dampit Humidifier for Clarinet / Oboe 2nd joint
    Price: $20.25
    RT125  Roche-Thomas Mi-T-Mist - Sanimist 32oz
    Mouthpiece disinfectant. Spray on mouthpiece to disinfect and clean between each use. Pleasant wintergreen smell. Small bottle is convenient for personal use and easily fits in most cases. Originally known as Sanimist.
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    Price: $21.00
    S816  Selmer Cleaning Brush/Duster
    Price: $2.35
    SHSWAB Superslick Saxophone Hanky Swab
    Price: $5.90
    Superslick Clarinet Hanky Swab
    Price: $5.20
    YAC1038  Yamaha Oboe Maintenance Kit
    Price: $22.90
    YAC1085P  Yamaha Woodwind Mouthpiece Brush
    Price: $4.24
    YACLKO  Yamaha Light Key Oil 20ml
    Yamaha Key Oil - Light is made of the finest ingredients for trouble-free maintenance of your musical instruments.

    Maintains a smooth action for long periods of time. Dedicated for use with flutes, piccolos and oboes.
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    Price: $14.99