GRX20JB Ibanez Electric Guitar Jewel Blue
The Ibanez GRX20 Electric Guitar has a sleek neck and fast action. Two howling humbuckers—a Powersound 1 at the neck and a Powersound 2 at the bridge—crank out grinding, gritty tone by the busload. Standard rocking tremolo lets you dive bomb your way to musical bliss.
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Price: $149.99
GRX70QATRB  Ibanez GRX Electric Guitar - Transparent Red Burst
Price: $199.99
JG-610-B  Johnson Acoustic Guitar - Black
Price: $109.99
JG-610-BL  Johnson Acoustic Guitar - Blue
Price: $109.99
JG-610-N  Johnson Acoustic Guitar - Natural
Price: $109.99
JG-610-N3/4  Johnson Acoustic Guitar - Natural 3/4
Price: $99.99