Brass Mouthpieces

11BMP16  Blessing F Horn Mouthpiece
Price: $43.25
7CBMP11  Blessing 7C Trumpet Mouthpiece
Price: $43.25
A05-38F  DEG F Horn to Mellophone Mouthpiece Adaptor
This adapter will allow you to use the same mouthpiece you use on French horn when transitioning to mellophone.
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Price: $20.00
MP6VCG  Kelly 6V Mellophone Mouthpiece, Crystal Green
KELLY Mellophone Mouthpieces are made entirely of Lexan material. The 6V cup and backbore are KELLY'S own design providing a rich, deep mellophone sound, with the always comfortable and easy-blowing KELLY feel! All of our mouthpieces are identical to exacting standards.FEEL the Comfort!
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Price: $30.00
S3513C  Bach 3C Trumpet Mouthpiece
Price: $56.00
TP7CCO  Kelly 7C Trumpet Mouthpiece, Crystal Orange
FEEL the Comfort! KELLY Trumpet Mouthpieces are made entirely of Lexan® material. The cup sizes are patterned after the Bach® series, sampled by our professional staff and are adjusted to produce our final, comfortable, easy-blowing mouthpieces. Our standard trumpet mouthpieces all have a larger throat diameter than their Bach® counterparts.
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Price: $27.00
YACBB66D4  Yamaha BB66 Deep Cup Tuba Mouthpiece
Price: $92.99
YACSLL48  Yamaha 48D Trombone/Baritone Mouthpiece large shank
Large shank 6-1/2AL mouthpiece for trombone or euphonium.
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Price: $74.99