Guitar Amplifiers

  • BANDIT112  Peavey Bandit Guitar Amp
    BANDIT112 Peavey Bandit Guitar Amp
    The Peavey Bandit 112 offers plenty of punch from 80 watts running through a bold 12-inch Blue Marvel speaker, while an external speaker jack lets you connect to a bigger cab if necessary. Two footswitchable channels with independent EQ, TDynamics, presence, and resonance controls, as well as reverb and a footswitchable effects loop provide great utility at any type of gig. Modern or vintage voicing on the clean channel and high-gain, modern, or vintage voicing on the lead channel add huge amounts of instant tonal variation.
    Price: $400.00
  • ENVOY110  Peavey Guitar Amp
    ENVOY110 Peavey Guitar Amp
    The Peavey Envoy 110 combo rocks out with 40 watts into 6 ohms, 10" super-duty Blue Marvel speaker and 2 footswitchable channels (clean and lead). The Peavey Envoy 110 also has a 3-band EQ for each channel, a headphone jack, a modern/vintage voicing switch on clean channel, footswitchable reverb with level control, a high gain/modern/vintage voicing switch on the lead channel, and high and low gain inputs.
    Price: $299.99
  • KGA1  Kustom 10W Guitar Amp
    KGA1 Kustom 10W Guitar Amp
    The 10 watt Kustom KG1 combo guitar amplifier may be small, but it delivers rock-solid tones with rugged dependability and intuitive operation. The KG1 combo amplifier boasts a 6” Kustom speaker. The KG1 offers sweet, full-bodied, clean tones. And when the Gain switch is activated, you can dial in anything from classic rock tones to the heaviest modern metal sounds.
    Price: $99.99
  • KXB1  Kustom 10W Bass Amp
    Price: $99.99
  • KXB10  Kustom 10W Bass Amp
    KXB10 Kustom 10W Bass Amp
    Kustom KXB Series amplifiers are focused on producing great tone, rugged reliability and intuitive tone-shaping tools in one package. The Kustom KXB100 is a 100-watt bass combo amplifier with a 15-inch Kustom speaker and Bass, Lo-Mid, Hi-Mid and Treble controls. The preamp provides both Gain and Volume controls and is perfect for classic bass tones or more aggressive sounds with a hotter gain structure. Like every KXB amplifier, the KXB100 offers an auxiliary input for plugging in an MP3 or CD player to practice along with tunes and a 1/8-inch headphone input that silences the internal speaker for late-night playing. For performance flexibility, the KXB100 provides a balanced XLR Line Out with Ground Lift and Volume control. An Effects Loop with Send and Return jacks offers flexibility for integrating external effects and processors. All KXB Series amplifiers provide a three-year, transferable electronics warranty to give buyers extra piece of mind with their purchase.
    Price: $229.99
  • KXB100  Kustom 100W Bass Guitar Amp
    Price: $499.99
  • KXB20  Kustom 20w Bass Guitar Amp
    Price: $299.99
  • P3110  Ibanez Promethean 300W Bass Amp w/10" Speaker
    P3110 Ibanez Promethean 300W Bass Amp w/10" Speaker
    Regardless of where you take this compact amp, it'll pound out the sound at any level. With output power up to 300W, Promethean bass combo amps pack a huge sound along with their smaller, made-for-travel size. It's 300W of muscle in one lightweight package. Designed for working musicians, the newly redesigned P3110 is the perfect fit for traveling from venue to venue. This Class-D amp offers more than just reliability. A new powerful output and new selected functions make it easier to adjust during live performances. If you're on stage, you need a dependable workhorse of an amp. The Promethean is a mini thoroughbred.
    Price: $349.99
  • Peavey Max158 Bass Amp
    Peavey Max158 Bass Amp
    Most practice amps sound like practice amps. The Peavey MAX 158 is an exception. Thanks to TransTube emulation circuitry, it has sweet tone that makes practicing or warming-up backstage a pleasure. A voicing switch gives you modern or vintage drive. 3-band EQ. 15W power. 8" bass driver. Tape/CD in. Headphone out.
    Price: $169.99
  • RAGE258  Peavey Rage 258 25W Guitar Amp
    RAGE258 Peavey Rage 258 25W Guitar Amp
    The basic building blocks of the TransTube® sound are the exclusive designs of the preamp and power amp. The preamp section tailors gain to meet the need for any amount of drive, from crystal clear to thick, smooth sustain. The power amp reacts just like a tube output section by responding to the preamp with natural compression that increases as the amp gets louder. With TransTube®, you get a killer amp with widely ranging dynamics and natural "grit," just like a tube amp!
    Price: $129.99
  • T30II  Ibanez 30W Acoustic Guitar Amp
    T30II Ibanez 30W Acoustic Guitar Amp
    What's the one thing that almost all small venue musicians strive for when it comes to amplifiers? Some might say "pure immersive tone", which would undoubtedly be followed by "portability". The Ibanez T Series Acoustic Guitar Amplifiers deliver exactly that, along with the striking appearance of a hand-crafted boutique amplifier. Whether you're playing the local coffee shop or you're gigging at religious venues, the sounds of the T Series will fill the room. Plus, you won't have to break your back getting your amp in and out. The Ibanez T Series was designed with portability in mind.
    Price: $249.99