Brass Accessories

MA1BL  Korg MA1 Metronome Blue
Price: $32.00
MMSO  Manning Music Slide Oil

Affordable slide oil suitable for trombone slides.
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Price: $3.50
MMVO Manning Music Valve Oil

An affordable valve oil suitable for all types of instrument valves.
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Price: $4.20
MP6VCG  Kelly 6V Mellophone Mouthpiece, Crystal Green
KELLY Mellophone Mouthpieces are made entirely of Lexan material. The 6V cup and backbore are KELLY'S own design providing a rich, deep mellophone sound, with the always comfortable and easy-blowing KELLY feel! All of our mouthpieces are identical to exacting standards.FEEL the Comfort!
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Price: $30.00
PCB Manning Music Brass Polish Cloth
Price: $3.75
PCS Manning Music Silver Polish Cloth
Price: $5.50
S3513C  Bach 3C Trumpet Mouthpiece
Price: $56.00
SS4230  Superslick Slide Cream

Superior Superslick Trombone Slide Cream is a favorite choice for trombone care. Slide cream, treatment, and spray bottle enhance the slide action and combine to give trombone players an exceptional line of products for trombone care.
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Price: $4.20
T2SG La Tromba T2 Special Valve Oil
T2 Special is an oil for all valve instruments. It keeps valves friction free and SUPER FAST!
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Price: $9.95
TM-50BK  Korg Digital Tuner Metronome
Price: $40.75
TP7CCO  Kelly 7C Trumpet Mouthpiece, Crystal Orange
FEEL the Comfort! KELLY Trumpet Mouthpieces are made entirely of Lexan® material. The cup sizes are patterned after the Bach® series, sampled by our professional staff and are adjusted to produce our final, comfortable, easy-blowing mouthpieces. Our standard trumpet mouthpieces all have a larger throat diameter than their Bach® counterparts.
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Price: $27.00
TSO  Superslick Slide Oil

Special formula Superslick Trombone Slide Oil provides long-lasting, noiseless, odorless, butter-smooth slide action with every application. Fine-spray applicator gives an even coating without drips.

Available in 2 oz. bottles.
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Price: $5.20
YAC1011P  Yamaha Slide Grease
Price: $4.24
YACBB66D4  Yamaha BB66 Deep Cup Tuba Mouthpiece
Price: $92.99
YACRO Yamaha Rotor Oil
Price: $7.50
YACRVO Yamaha Valve Oil

Yamaha Superior Valve Oils are based on an advanced synthetic formula that is produced using a consistent molecule size. This new synthetic formula allow the oil to evaporate smoothly, guaranteeing a longer life and extremely responsive action. Yamaha Superior Valve Oils contain a unique anti-corrosive agent, which greatly outperforms the competition. The new additive prevents all types of corrosion and will protect valves and valve casings in nearly every playing environment.
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Price: $12.24
YACSLL48  Yamaha 48D Trombone/Baritone Mouthpiece large shank
Large shank 6-1/2AL mouthpiece for trombone or euphonium.
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Price: $74.99