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  • Arbans Complete Conservatory Method O21X
    Arbans Complete Conservatory Method O21X
    The New Authentic Edition of Arban's Complete Conservatory Method contains the same tried and true comprehensive system of study that Arban developed over a century ago, and this completely re-engraved edition has been painstakingly edited by prominent trumpet performers and teachers. In re-editing the method, the Arban system has been kept intact, while adding some of editors' own insights with respect to how trumpet is taught today. Purists and modernists alike will welcome these new editions. Arban's time-tested pedagogical sequence has also been given a fresh new layout for easier reading. As an added bonus, the enclosed CDs contain spectacular performances of all of the 14 Characteristic Studies as well as piano accompaniments for the Fantasies performed by John Walker. All tracks are in MP3 format and can be downloaded to your desktop or MP3 player/iPod. The CD also contains the original text from the first edition of the Arban method in PDF form, including multi-language translations. The Arban Complete Conservatory Method is the definitive must-have for all trumpet players. With this masterful new edition and all of its extra resources, the Arban will remain the driving force in brass education for generations to come.
    Price: $36.99
  • Armageddon AM0008
    Armageddon AM0008
    A Rudimental Snare Drum Solo by Dr. Tom Morgan
    Price: $8.00
  • Arpeggios for Bass HL00695133
    Arpeggios for Bass HL00695133
    The ultimate reference guide for electric bass! This book covers triad and seventh chord arpeggios, patterns covering the entire 4-string neck, easy-to-use fretboard diagrams, inversions, and more.
    Price: $14.95
  • Bach and Before Alto Clarinet W34CLE
    Price: $5.95
  • Bach and Before Alto Sax W34XE
    Price: $5.95
  • Bach and Before Baritone TC W34TC
    Price: $5.95
  • Bach and Before Clarinet W34CL
    Price: $5.95
  • Bach and Before Conductor W34F
    Price: $19.95
  • Bach and Before Flute W34FL
    Price: $5.95
  • Bach and Before French Horn W34HF
    Price: $5.95
  • Bach and Before Mallet Percussion W34MP
    Price: $5.95
  • Bach and Before Oboe W34OB
    Price: $5.95
  • Bach and Before Tenor Sax W34XB
    Price: $5.95
  • Bach and Before Trombone/Baritone BC/Bassoon W34BC
    Price: $5.95
  • Bach and Before Trumpet W34TP
    Price: $6.50
  • Bach and Before Tuba W34BS
    Price: $5.95
  • Basic Fingering Chart - Bass R32-7
    Price: $1.50
  • Basic Fingering Chart - Viola R28-7
    Price: $1.25
  • Basic French Horn Fingering Chart FRHORN
    Price: $1.50
  • Basic Jazz Conception For Saxophone, Volume 1 w/CD TRY1057
    Basic Jazz Conception For Saxophone, Volume 1 w/CD TRY1057
    One of the world's most popular Jazz etude books; popular because the etudes are hip and fun to play. Very popular among teachers! Designed for sax but suitable for all instruments. This Volume contains 12 easy level exercises and 10 etudes. Includes a play-along CD with a professional musician playing the etudes. Each etude is recorded in 3 keys (to facilitate Eb, Bb, and C instruments). The Eb track includes an Alto Saxophonist playing the etudes. The Bb track includes a Tenor Sax soloist and the C track includes a Jazz Guitarist. All are accompanied by a nice piano, bass, and drums rhythm section. Each track is stereo seperated (solo instrument, piano, bass, drums on one track - piano, bass and drums on the other track) so that the soloist can be eliminated and the student can play along with piano bass and drums.
    Price: $19.95